Best Misal to have in Pimpri Chinchwad|Top 5 Misal you should never miss

Top 5 Misal you should never miss

Sprouted Vigna Aconitifolia legume curry, tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and spices with topping of Crunchy gram flour noodles, Garnished with onion, lemon and coriander leaves, and served along with bread.

Complete bouncer? Indeed. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about all-time favorite spicy snack food for most of the crowd in Maharashtra.

It’s Misal and Paav. The best food affair in its class!! (Matki in Marathi and Scientific name – VignaAconitifolia, Common English- Moth bean), (Tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and spices- Tadka) & (Farsan/ Chivda- Crunchy gram flour noodles)

When I think of Misal, the only words that come to my mind are Ekdum Zakaassssss!! (I know your subconscious mindsaid it in Anil Kapoor’svoice) But then it’s true, think of spicy breakfast item in Maharashtra and Misal is the answer. Don’t believe me? Google it!

Spicy hot fiery combination of Moth bean tadka curry, served with farsan/chivda, sprinkled onion on the top and peeled lemon juice over the top. Yummy combination to wake up your taste buds!!!

Most of the time a Puneri/PimpriChinchwad’s Sunday morning begins with this special Misal breakfast.

Pimpri-Chinchwad is blessed to have most of the best Misal joints in Pune.

Atithi, Nisarga Misal and Dipti Misal house are the prominent ones. They have managed to have their distinctive tastes in this amazing zesty dish.

Introducing the list of Top 5 Misal House of Pimpri Chinchwad

Atithi Misal House

Credits: Zomato

This is one of the oldest hotel in Pimpri area. Located just opposite to the Nav-Maharashtra school, this hotel has its unique flavor in Misal. The moment you enter this hotel, an aroma of blended spices will hypnotize you, and you could actually feel how awesome this Misal dish is gonna taste. They serve you with utmost priority and you see the attendant serving you with extra curry (Sample is what they call it locally) and pav every now and then. I bet your dish wouldn’t get dry and empty until your stomach is full. That is the level of service they provide- quick and swift.

Note: Ask for Tarrri sample at your own risk, coz that will surely blow your ear drums with its red colored and hot chilly taste running down your food pipe like a firestorm to your guts and leave you in sweat. (Strictly recommended to the mass with the tag line- Aajkuch Toofani karte hain)

Nisarga Misal  House

Credits: Ganesh Nemade

This is one of the recent and a very renowned Misal brand in Pimpri. Situated behind the Nav-Maharashtra school, this food junction has added more savors to the Misal fraternity. Along with its distinctive Misal dish, you can also add batatabhaji (Potato bhaji) which is a delicious combo. It might also interest you to have a glass of butter milk which will set your appetite post the Misal attack.

Note: Be in time to avoid queue situation. The people are so excited to eat this Misal joint that they can wait for eternity. During demonetization, the people were much more patient in this queue than the ATM queue.

Dipti Misal House

Credits: Priyanka Chaudhari-Nemade

Have you heard about Misal Thali? If not, visit this place. The Misal here is served in a bowl, with another bowl full of curd, sliced cucumber and chopped onion. All this served together in a thali. The curry of the Misal is served separately in a pretty petite bucket which makes it look so remarkable and amazing. It has managed to make its presence enduring in cut throat competition. It’s altogether a different foodie experience at Dipti Misal house.

Note: You get a free Wi-Fi while having your Misal, share the pics to your loved ones-

De Dhakka

Credits: Deep Torne

It’s a conspicuous snack-o-dhaba on the Chinchwad link road. The misal here has an astonishingly capricious taste from Kolhapur. Take a bite and the magical flavors are unleashed on your taste buds. It starts with a unique sweet whirl on your tongue and all of sudden its peppery puff in your mouth, a typical KolhapuriZatkaaa. They also serve you with a special chutney served with batatabhaji. This yummy chutney, again has a tangy and spicy magical touch. You can order a glass of buttermilk which is quite popular as well in the vicinity.

Note: There’s a popular Marathi saying for this joint- Kolhapuri zatkaa, mhanje bhau cha Dhakka meaning Kolhapuri taste is your point, Bhau’s De dhakka is the food joint.

Nevale Misal HouseMisal House

Credits: Facebook Page-Nevale Misal

If you are an extreme spice lover, then this is your destination. This misal house is just next to Chinchwad’s very famous- Moraya Gosavi temple of Shri Ganesha. This Misal will definitely make you sweat with its spicy taste. Although curried, it has a fantastic taste which will make you crave for more. So if you happen to visit Moraya Gosavi temple next time, do visit this Misal house and enjoy the Misal.

Note- They serve you with an incredibly tasty ‘Sol Kadi’ which will rejuvenate you. They say here in Marathi- ‘Nevalenchi Misal mhanje nustaa dhoooorrr’. So in English it would simply mean – Holy Smoke of spice, Nevale’s Misal, ohh so nice!!!

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Best Misal to have in Pimpri Chinchwad|Top 5 Misal you should never miss