Craving Scrumptious Waffles? Being Punekar lists out 8 Best Waffle Cafes in Pune

It is much said and written about why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you’re a breakfast aficionado, waffles are a glorious thing for you. Along with Pancakes and French Toast, Waffles are the hallmark of a carb-heavy breakfast. Especially when you’re heading for work after a holiday feast, waffles are a smile-inducing way to kick-start your morning. Crisp and golden on the outside, steaming and tender within, the magical pockets hold scrumptious delicacies that are released decadently as you bite down. Read-on as Being Punekar takes you on city-tour for some toothsome waffle cafes…

List of 8 Best Waffle Cafes in Pune

The Belgian Waffle Co.waffle cafes

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Punekar’s rejoice for The Belgian Waffle Co. – Mumbai’s popular waffle chain – has finally entered Pune with two waffle cafes across the city. Famous for sweet waffle sandwiches, their Buttercotch crunch, Apple CinnaWapple, Dark & White fantasy and Strawberry cream-cheese will make you drool for eternity. These sweet treasures are available at a starting price of INR 110. You can turn your regular waffle base into a dark chocolate crisp at an added charge of INR 17. Waffle sandwiches are also available with ice cream stuffing – vanilla or chocolate, for INR 127.

Henny’s Gourmet

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It’s a sin to not mention about Henny’s Gourmet while talking about waffles in Pune. Started-off as a nightlyFood truck on the lanes of SalunkeVihar in July 2015, Henny’s popularity skyrocketed among Punekars within no time. Now, they’ve opened their own store in Wanowrie, where you can enjoy your favorite waffles in a more relaxed atmosphere. Sinfully indulge yourself in some of the delectable classics like Banana+Nutellaand Caramel with Cream. Coffee Cream with Mascarpone Cheese and Belgian chocolate mousse are our personal favorites. Prices depend on the quantity you order in the range of INR 40 to INR 240.

The Flour Works

Image Credits: Nikhilesh Murthy

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast in a pleasant ambience, away from the hustles & bustles of the urban sprawl, The Flour Works is your place to be. With pleasant ambiences in Kalyani Nagar and SalunkeVihar, The Flour Works is famous for its mouthwatering European Delights. Waffles with seasonal fresh fruit, whipped cream and lemon mint syrup is highly recommended and it’s one of their best sellers. Their french toast stuffed with mascarpone, chocolate and coffee syrup is an add-on delicacy priced at INR 225. You can add gourmet granola made with sesame seeds, almonds and raisins to any of your choice for INR 180.

Street Meat

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Contradictory to what’s implausible, Street Meat’s waffles are supremely taste-good. Following an authentic Belgian waffle recipe, the waffles at Street Meat always turn out golden and delicious. Starting at INR 180 for a basic maple-butter topping, you can customize your sinful dessert with toppings that include: cream cheese icing, PB&J, Nutella, vanilla like ice cream, burnt marshmallows,salted caramel,caramelized bananas, seasonal fruits, dark chocolate ganache, maple-glazed bacon, and blueberry compote.

Apart from Nutella, marshmallows, blueberry compote and peanut butter – everything is made in-house. If you’re a chocoholic, you can also ask for chocolate chips to be added into your waffle itself! The place has a special honey-truffle butter and maple-glazed bacon combination waffle for people with a flair for the unusual.

Bubble Bee

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Bubble Bee brought the Hong Kong trend of ‘bubble waffles’ to Pune in December 2016, and it famed pretty soon among thewafflers in the city. With two variants available in waffles – red velvet & chocolate – Bubble Beeencourages you for DIY toppings. Bubble Bee waffles are priced at INR 175 inclusive of all modifications and iced tea to compliment it is placed at INR 125.Our personal recommendations are Chunky Monkey – banana waffle with nutella, whipped cream and caramel; Tiramisu – chocolate waffle with coffee ice cream, mascarpone spread, kitkat, and caramel drizzle; Rocky Road – chocolate waffle w/chocolate truffle cream, chocolate ice cream, ferrerorocher and nuts. Also, the unusual Calcutta Meetha – red

velvet waffle with paan ice cream, with tuttifrutti and desiccated coconut topping is reverentially worth trying. Among all the waffle cafes around the city, this wa

Wafflin’ Around

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A glocal cafe that has its theme around the City of Brusssels is another new place around the block that has become a popular joint within no time. The sweet aromas of freshly-baked delicious waffles compel you to get your hands on them as soon as you push the door.You could choose from their signature savory cheesy waffle (for savorists) or chocolate mine and red velvet cream cheese (for those with sweet-tooth). The Wafflin’ Around freakshake has made up its mark to be one of the best mashup of drink and dessert in Pune for this has a waffle in it too!!

Peter’s Pan

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Flaunting the Waffle history on its walls, Peter’s Pan is a place that could make you snack-all-day. Their blueberry, baked apple and cheesy chicken waffles are delicacies to die for. Top it up with a hot cuppa and the experience is taken to a different level altogether. A decadent dessert guzzling experience is promised to you at Peter’s Pan.

The Waffle’s hut

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Head straight to The Waffle’s hut when you crave for some fresh, warm, mellow and tasteful waffles.The best of the rest classics which include Marshmallow with fresh cream, Apple cinnamon with maple syrup, and of course the Belgian chocolate waffle would give your senses the delight of Europe. They have numerous variants to choose from. Some of the delicacies which we would recommend include Jelly Belly, Velvet crunch and ‘La Carame’ with a scoop. Priced at INR110, half portion of waffle is good enough for a person with normal appetite for a dessert.

So a humble call for all the waffle-lovers out there!Tramp-off for a waffling adventure around the city savoring the above mentioned delicacies.

These were the Top 8 Waffle Cafes that you should not miss while you are in Pune.

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