8 Beaches to hangout with friends and family near to Pune

Beaches near Pune

After 5 days of hectic work schedule, people in Pune head towards a weekend getaway. There are so many beaches around Pune that can be the best weekend destination. You can plan a 1 or 2 day trip to these destinations and relax your heart, body, mind and soul. As the temperature is at its peak what’s better than a trip to these beaches.Fuel up the car and head to one of these gorgeous beaches that await you in all their glory.

Diveagar – 160 Kms from Pune


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Diveghar, a marvelous beach around 150 kms from Pune.The long stretch of Diveghar beach is just the ideal place to continue in the serene atmosphere accompanying with your mates. Home to a pristine beach that lets you have a perfect getaway time from the urban chaos. Chill on its sandy beaches, taste the lip-smacking local preparation of fish in coconut gravy. The place flaunts many homestays and resorts that are perfect for a relaxing time and if you visit off-season, you’ll get excellent deals.

Harihareswar – 174 Km from Pune


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This is one of the best beaches near Pune for one day trip. Gentle winds, soft sands and inviting waters make Shriwardhan Bay irresistible to beach lovers. And if one relishes sea-food, there is no scarcity of delicacies to sample here. Adventurers can even take a small boat to the north side of the bay and explore a land where the Peshwas or prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom, originally resided.The town of Harihareshwar famous for the temple of Harihareshwar.

Murud (Near Alibaug) – 162 Kms


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Murud Beach is a vast expanse of black sand with clear bluish waters stretching almost 1.75 km along the coastline. This is one of the famous beaches of Maharashtra and also one of the top places to visit in Alibaug. More popular for its near-by fort Janjira. The beach has a privately owned palace that belongs to the Nawabs. What makes Murud a great beach destination near Pune is the fact that although pretty close from the cities of Mumbai and Pune, the beach is less crowded.

Shrivardhan – 163 Kms


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Shrivardhan Beach is about 3 km long, very clean and very calm. It is also an ideal place for swimming as the waters are shallow. A prominent place in mythology and history, Shrivardhan today, is a pristine destination that is excellent for a vacation from Pune. A Birthplace of Balaji Vishwanath- the first Peshwa, this is one of the oldest towns of Maharashtra. Maratha Empire’s naval chief, Kanhoji Angre.

Kashid Beach (Near Alibaug) – 172 Kms


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Famed as one of the best beaches of Maharashtra, Kashid is a top weekend destination from Pune. Kashid Beach is tucked between two hillocks and is known for its clear waters, white san. The 3 km long white sand beach is the most beautiful. Kashid Beach is a quiet and soothing place and a perfect getaway from the busy city life. Don’t miss the delicious fish thali made in local preparation; try the Pomfret fry and Surmai Rawa Fry.

Kihim Beach (Near Alibaug) – 143 Kms


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Kihim beach is one amongst the most popular Alibaug beaches with a long stretch of clean sandy beach intermittent by rocky stretches. The beach has soft fine sand and is black in colour. Perfect for a beach weekend getaway from Pune, Kihim is a tiny village that boasts a beautiful beach and excellent atmosphere to relax. This is the nearest beach from Pune and its sandy beaches serve as an ideal place to kick-back and have a quality time.

Alibaug – 143 Kms


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Alibag is surrounded by sea on three sides, it is very commonly known as the ‘Goa’ of Maharashtra. Alibaug is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient forts. The town was founded in the 17th century by Kanhoji Angre who was the naval chief during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Earlier, Alibaug was known as Kolaba, attributed to the Kolaba Fort which was built by Shivaji in 1680 CE. Legend has it that a wealthy Muslim named Ali owned many plantations hence the town derived its name Alibag.

Mandwa Beach (Near Alibaug) – 150 Kms


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Mandwa is a stunning beach trooped by number of tourists. The beach is isolated from crowd and pollution. This place is known for a church, Buddhist caves, a synagogue, a temple and several ruins of Portuguese. The village of Mandwa, which is located nearby, attracts visitors due to the presence of dense coconut trees. The beautiful sunset view from the beach is really picturesque. Chaul is also a popular tourist spot situated near the beach.

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